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Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

As we know, when we go for playing a different game in ground. They can play on different rules and regulations for every game. Similarly it applies on the bats that you are choosing for play.For the slow pitch softball game, the bat you need has straight in length and rounded. The maximum length of softball bat about 34 inches and the diameter of bat not exceed from 2 ¼ inches.

Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat

The weight of bat is also recommended for players according to their age. The bat may be made by one-piece or laminated wood, which named as hardwood. These bats also made from other materials like aluminum, fiberglass, composite and graphite. You can play in leagues with bats that made from these materials. The major thing before you go to play for tournaments, keep in mind that your bat is approved by the USSSA manufactures of bats.

Miken Last Call Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat is approved by USSSA manufactures for all. Last Call bat is more balanced and easy to handle, with this you can win every match. Miken Maxload Softball Bat has a huge sweet pot point enhances your performance that no others can do. With this extend sweet spot you have less chance for missing the ball. Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat is ideal bat which you take in field during storm condition. The good participant takes benefit of its flex during hitting of ball.

How ASA bat differ from USSA bat?

With ASA approved bats, the player hit the ball shot that through at 98 mph speed towards, while the player has USSSA approved bat can hit the ball that may 100+ mph speed and the BPF about 1.20 or high at sometimes. For better performance you have to understand all rules and regulation of ASA and USSA manufactures.

What factors are important during selection of bat for Slow-pitch?

There are many factors that you need to know before selection of your bat. Some of them are league standard of bat, the ratio of weight with end load, material used, barrel features and whether the bat single or doubled wall construction.


  • Miken Last Call Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat has 14 inches lengthy barrel with 2 1/4 Inch diameter. That increase the comfort feel during hit the ball in the field.
  • Maxload Softball Bat has 12 inch wider sweet pot area that betters the player’s performance on field and decreased the chance of missing ball by player.
  • This is two-piece bat made of composite material those 100% fibers. Miken Softball Bat also has tetra core inner tube that makes it more reliable.
  • The swing is with end loaded weight and three piece designs makes it ideal bat; end load helps in maximizing your power to reach the ball at your desire point.
  • The company offers twelve months warranty for customers and also make ease for their permanent buyers.
  • Miken Last Call bat has triple matrix core formula with 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fiber that helps in long lasting durability of bat. The Maxload is about 0.5 oz maximum end load of bat.
  • Miken Last Call bat is approved for play tournaments and leagues in ISA, USSSA and NSA areas.
  • The weight of Miken Last Call Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat is about 26 oz, which easy to carry and handle in any league or tournament.
  • Miken Last Call Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat has F2P power technology that optimizes the barrel loading and flex that maximize ball speed in the zone.
  • The barrel is made from 100% carbon fiber that helps ball to cover more distance when it hit correctly with accurate force.
  • Beginners can’t play with it properly.