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10 Best SlowPitch Softball Bats 2021

Softball game has become popular because of its fan following. The players provide the incredible excitement and thrill to catch the attention of the viewers. However, softball bats are equally important in making the game successful and playful. If you want to know about the best slowpitch softball bat then, hold your breath for observing the most wanted bats available in the market.

I have created a list of the best slowpitch softball bats for helping you understand the features and functions. You will be thankful to save your time while going through the products one by one. The slowpitch softball bats are incredible in complimenting the game with their strong and compact structure.

Best SlowPitch Softball BatsBest Price
1. Miken 2019 Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
2. DeMarini Corndog Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
3. Miken 2020 Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
4. EASTON RONIN Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
5. Miken 2019 Supermax Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
6. Axe Bat 2020 Avenge Power Gap BatCheck on Amazon
7. Mizuno 2019 Slowpitch Softball BatCheck on Amazon
8. Wilson Slow Pitch Softball BatCheck on Amazon
9. Louisville Slugger Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon
10. Worth 2020 Slowpitch BatCheck on Amazon

Why slowpitch bat rather than fastpitch?

A slowpitch bat is heavier than a fastpitch and delivers more inertia for driving the ball. For leagues, you must choose the appropriate path for the specified pitch. Some slowpitch bats are made with wood and are used by the high school and middle school adult kids. You should watch for the weight and length of the bat when buying for a tournament. The length of all slowpitch softball bats is the same at 34 inches while the weight varies from 24 to 30 ounces.

10 Best slowpitch softball bats

Buying the best slowpitch softball bat is not an easy job. Various brands are offering their product with the same features but, the quality is different to serve the users. That’s why I have collected some best products to help you in choosing the right one for you. Let’s get the detail.

1. Miken 2019 Slowpitch Bat

Miken 2019 Slowpitch Bat

This Miken softball bat is approved for USSSA leagues. The bat is incredible with 14 inches of barrel length and 2.25 inches of diameter. You will experience excellent performance because of its 100 COMP composite design. The Product has various sweet spots with 0.5zs of max-load at the end. Its 1-piece construction will help you in increasing the bat speed and hitting distance.

Main features

  • Bat length is 26 inches
  • Barrel length is 14 inches
  • Diameter is 2.25 inches
  • Approved for USSSA league
  • Best men slowpitch softball bat
  • Provides an excellent swing with the best pop
  • High-quality bat with durable material
  • 1-piece construction for delivering speed and extended hit
  • Incredible performance in the field
  • Best slowpitch softball bat
  • May get broken while shipping

2. DeMarini Corndog Slowpitch Bat

DeMarini Corndog Slowpitch Bat

The DeMarini bat is durable with a maple barrel and para flex handle with 22 % more carbon fiber. Because of its para flex technology bat performs better with accurate weight distribution. The barrel diameter is 2.25 inches to detect the swings and reduce the vibration. The product is certified for Usssa, Nsa, Isa, and Asa to catch the attention.

Main features

  • The barrel is made with maple
  • The handle is made with para flex and carbon fiber
  • The diameter of the barrel is 2.25 inches
  • Certified for Usssa, Nsa, Isa, and Asa
  • Best asa slowpitch softball bat
  • The bat has excellent sweet spots with solid pop
  • Durable and compact product
  • Provides excellent performance with accurate hitting
  • Reduce the vibration and delivers the incredible game
  • Ideal for leagues
  • A bit expensive for some people

3. Miken 2020 Slowpitch Bat

Miken 2020 Slowpitch Bat

Miken has made this product for legendry performance. It is constructed with F2P barrel flex technology, tetra core, with 100 COMP composite fibers to increase the bat speed and hitting distance. Its hitting zone has 0.5oz of max-load for providing durability while hitting the ball. The barrel length is 12 inches, and the light-weight feature is perfect for asa slowpitch softball game.

Main features

  • The weight of the bat is 25 ozs
  • The length of the barrel is 12 inches
  • End load is 0.5 ozs
  • The barrel is made with F2P para flex technology
  • 100 COMP composite fibers for hitting the ball gently
  • Three-piece composite softball bat
  • Tetra core technology increases the sweet spot and performance
  • Specially crafted for low compression
  • Available in three various colors
  • Its end load provide the maximum power
  • The color of the bat may vary from the original

4. EASTON RONIN Slowpitch Bat

EASTON RONIN Slowpitch Bat

EASTON RONIN slowpitch bat is adorable with one-piece construction. The material used in its built is durable and provides the strongest structure with an excellent trampoline. The ATAC alloy is efficiently used for delivering the best game performance. The product is meant to balance the weight beside the barrel with a length of 12 inches. Thus, you will buy a certified product for ASA, ISF, USSSA, NSA, and ISA.

Main features

  • One-piece construction
  • Military-grade ATAC aluminum alloy is used in construction
  • Barrel length is 12 inches
  • Certified for ASA, ISF, USSSA, NSA, ISA
  • Made to balance the weight
  • Bat speeds up the swinging ball
  • Provides the best performance in diamond
  • Durable and compact for using a long time
  • Accelerates the ball and increase the performance
  • Provides the various sweet spot
  • There would be less pop sound while playing

5. Miken 2019 Supermax Slowpitch Bat

Miken 2019 Supermax Slowpitch Bat

Are you searching for the best ASA slowpitch softball bat then, Miken 2019 supermax series is the best option for you. The bat is robust with the blend of F2P para flex technology and 100 COMP composite fibers. Its barrel length is 14 inches with 2.25 diameter to increase the ball velocity. It’s 1-ounce end load is fantastic to enhance the performance by decreasing the distance. The product has 2-piece construction with black and brown camo design for attracting the users.

Main features

  • The bat weight is 28 ozs
  • The barrel length is 14 inches
  • Barrel diameter is 2.25 inches
  • The endpoint has a one-ounce weight
  • Best asa slowpitch softball bat
  • Made with new technology to deliver excellent performance
  • The endload helps in rebounding the energy
  • The accurate length and diameter increase the hitting velocity
  • The composite design allows playing any league
  • Provides the maximum sweet point with an accurate pop sound
  • Bat may get scratches while shipping

6. Axe Bat 2020 Avenge Power Gap Bat

Axe Bat 2020 Avenge Power Gap Bat

Axe slowpitch bat is equipped with charged carbon and two-piece construction to maximize performance and speed. An air gap between barrel and handle provides the spring and governor better performance for playing the leagues. The durable VCS material reduces the vibration along with the handle for empowering the product. Its hyper whip composite cap is incredible to handle the swings. This bat is approved for all softball leagues to provide the best user experience.

Main features

  • Two-piece design with an axe handle
  • The air gap is present between the barrel and handle
  • The barrel is made with charged carbon
  • Length is 34 inches
  • Weight is 27 ozs
  • Provide more swing with more barrel length
  • Balance the weight across the barrel
  • The knob is round with a durable barrel
  • Axe bats have angled and oval-shaped endcap
  • Gives its best in the hitting zone
  • Bat is not approved for senior slowpitch

7. Mizuno 2019 Slowpitch Softball Bat

Mizuno 2019 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The bat is specifically designed to play NSA play for showing great performance. The durable product weighs only 0.839 KGs. If you are looking for the best men slowpitch softball bat then, this Mizuno has made your much-needed bat. The elegance of the game is increased by its crush, endpoint slowpitch design. The bat increases the game performances by enhancing the pop and sweet points.

Main features

  • The item weight is 1.63 pounds
  • The compact and durable material is used in construction
  • The crush endpoint promotes the well-maintained levels
  • Approved for NSA game
  • Best slowpitch softball bat
  • New technology enhances the game performance
  • Provides the various sweet spots and excellent pop sound
  • The ball speed increases with accurate timings and endpoint performance
  • The Bat is specified for the NSA game
  • Its beautiful design will let you play with ease
  • The price may change with color variations

8. Wilson Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Wilson Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The product is incredible with two-piece construction. Its specification is very unique in choosing this bat for leagues. The ZNX alloy handle flexes the handle and allows the barrel to play with ease. The barrel length is 12 inches to deliver the softness and trampoline effect. The bat is approved to play for softball games, and its fantastic barrel performance will compel you to buy the product again.

Main features

  • Made with the latest ZNX technology
  • Barrel length is 12 inches
  • Designed with a two-piece construction
  • Approved for ASA
  • The bat weight is 26 ozs
  • Maximizes the performance with durable structure
  • Constructed to provide powerful play
  • The beautiful pop sound and light-weight bat delivers the good game
  • The best sas slowpitch softball bat
  • The length is accurate with 34 inches
  • The bat may have less sweet points

9. Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bat

Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bat

Louisville slugger slowpitch bat is designed specifically for adults and kids. The bat is made with maple wood and delivers a fantastic performance in a diamond. If you are searching for a compact product for playing any league then, the bat has a unique MSB3 turning model for presenting the excellent game. The endpoint is incredible to divide the energy, and the barrel has maximum sweet points for playing enthusiastically.

Main features

  • Made with maple wood
  • Has MSB3 turning model
  • Best for all ages
  • The endpoint is cupped
  • Excellent bat for slowpitch
  • Increase the performance with a fantastic design
  • Delivers the good pop sound
  • Help to enhance game performance in diamond
  • Reduce the friction because of glossy finish
  • Hit the ball gently with excellent speed
  • May not approved with ASA

10. Worth 2020 Slowpitch Bat

Worth 2020 Slowpitch Bat

Worth introduced this bat with 100 % carbon construction. Its durability is not compromised with variation in construction material. Its increased flex maximizes the speed by attaining the composite fibers and flex 50 technology. The barrel length is 13.5 inches with 27 Ozs weight for exhibiting great control on the game. It balances the weight across the barrel and lets the user play with ease.

Main features

  • The barrel length is 13.5 inches
  • Weight is 27 ounces
  • Made with 50 flex technology with composite fiber
  • 100 % carbon is used in barrel
  • Best slowpitch softball bat
  • Increase the performance with speedy hits
  • The sweet points are more with a pop sound
  • Delivers the accurate hitting time
  • The ball travels with speed by delivering the excellent game
  • Compact and durable product
  • Specified for ASA league

Buyer’s guide

Slowpitch softball bats are available in the market with extraordinary features. It’s your choice what credibility and features you would like to have in your bat. The best slowpitch softball bats possess multiple features to provide the ultimate benefits. Hence, this list contains the best available products in the market for serving you well.

By watching through the list you should consider the gross anatomical features for holding up the excellent purchase. Let’s have a look.

1. Weight and size

The slowpitch bats are comparatively heavy and have 24 to 28 ounces of weight. They are constructed delicately to provide the best user experience. However, with 34 inches of length, the slowpitch bats are fantastic for maximizing the performance in a diamond.

2. Composition

The composition matters a lot in delivering the best output. Some bat may have aluminum and carbon to fulfill the needs. While some are facilitated with composite material for exhibiting good control on the game.

3. Price and quality

The listed products are made with durable material to provide strong and long-lasting bats. If you find them pricy then, you should watch for the features that could be beneficial for the long term. Thus, decide your bat and buy the one to play with confidence.

The products will all fantastic features won’t let you down while playing. Thus, buy the one with more benefits and adorable features to serve you for life long.


I have mentioned the best slowpitch softball bats for giving you an idea about the credibility of these bats. The products are very elegant and comprehensive for delivering an excellent game. If you want to increase your performance with balance weight then, these products are incredible for making you comfortable while playing. Let’s play to enhance your excitement.