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11 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2021

Finding the right bat will earn a massive difference in one’s batting performance throughout different matches. A well-constructed bat can boost a player’s morale and also improve striking distance. You don’t have to crack the jackpot to get a well-performing bat, but it is all about having a good idea to find one, with the correct weight and length to fit the player’s size.

Best Youth Baseball BatsCheck on Amazon
1. Easton ADV1, Composite Bat 2021Check on Amazon
2. Franklin Aluminium Tball BatsCheck on Amazon
3. 2020 DeMarini Composite BatCheck on Amazon
4. Louisville Omaha 518 Composite BatCheck on Amazon
5. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite Composite Bat, 2019Check on Amazon
6. Rawlings 2020 Raptor Alloy BatCheck on Amazon
7. Rawlings Raptor & Remix Alloy BatCheck on Amazon
8. Easton Typhoon Alloy Bat, 2021Check on Amazon
9. Louisville Ash Wood Bat, 2020Check on Amazon
10. Marucci Cat7 Alloy BatCheck on Amazon
11. DeMarini Alloy Bat, 2019Check on Amazon

Are you looking for a new bat for a young baseball player?

Whether you’re the parent of a kid just learning the game, or you’re a ‘little player’ looking to up your game, you’re probably familiar with just how tough it can be to find a good bat. So, in this regard, we have come up with a guide that will help to choose the best youth baseball bat.

1. Easton ADV1, Composite Bat 2021

Easton ADV1, Composite Bat 2021

This bat is mainly designed for fast swing speed that outperforms the competition. It is the most advanced two-piece composite bat. Its Soft knob technology provides a comfortable grip and potential power. And it’s zero-carbon handle has almost eliminated the vibrations. Custom Lizards Skins grip, offering players with quality-in-magnificence experience, cushion, and tack. It is authorized for play in leagues and associations that fulfil the USA Baseball standard.


  • It has a Speed Cap.
  • It has a Carbon Zero Handle will definitely give you an extra grip.
  • To enhance one’s experience Advance Soft Knob Technology is used in it.
  • It is certified by USA Baseball.
  • Its Drop Weight is -12.
  • It is made up of Composite material as describe in the buyer guide.
  • The diameter of its barrel is 2 5/8 inches.
  • It is a legal and authenticated product.
  • Lizard skin providing a comfortable grip.
  • The bat has an excellent swing due to composite material.
  • It provides a comfortable and decisive game.
  • A little bit heavier for younger adults.

2. Franklin Aluminium Tball Bats

Franklin Aluminium Tball Bats

This Franklin sport venom bat is a Great little bat for tball. It is designed for high performance but keeping it lightweight at the same time. It’s easy for kids to make good contact with the ball. It delivers smooth and comfortable swings. It is authorized by US Baseball and little league baseball. Its grip helps your little one to learn precise control and fluid swinging. Kids love its color scheme, also, it distinguishes their bat from other team members.


  • Its material is aluminium alloy.
  • The bat meets the USA Baseball standard.
  • An extremely precise size for every 24 inches/13 ounces.
  • Its barrel is 2 5/8″ inches.
  • Lightweight structure allows you to experience it from every possible angle.
  • Hi-tack perforated grip enhanced the grip 2x.
  • Balanced weight distribution gives a smooth swing.
  • Due to it’s lightweight, the speed of the bat increases.
  • Its vibrant colors make it distinguishable.
  • It may get dents.
  • Aluminum may be Dangerous for infielders.

3. 2020 DeMarini Composite Bat

2020 DeMarini Composite Bat

The 2020 Voodoo Bat is framed as a hybrid, incorporating a super hot X14 Alloy Barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle. Its 3 fusion system enables greater weight control and feels while reducing vibration and shifting energy back into the barrel. Its Reaction end cap increases barrel action without encompassing swing speed. The 2020 DeMarini Voodoo One (-10) USSSA baseball bat is an excellent option for the elite-level youth player looking to bring their game to another level.


  • The barrel diameter of it is 2 3/4 Inches.
  • It has 2-piece hybrid bat features.
  • 3 Fusion Connection Technology excel your strikes to your desired peaks.
  • Usually Bat of this league don’t have a reaction end cap but it has one.
  • Length to Weight Ratio is around -10oz.
  • Hybrid bats are more durable than composite barrel bats.
  • Its 3 Fusion System enables players to attain optimum balance and energy transfer.
  • Reduced vibration to a minimal level.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • A little bit heavier for younger adults.

4. Louisville Omaha 518 Composite Bat

Louisville Omaha 518 Composite bat

Louisville Slugger, a title assigned with only the best bats for youth baseball, sets remarkable performance in players’ hands around the world. With a reliable, one-piece structure, this model is insured to give a long-lasting and uniform performance. It is masterfully designed out of the proven ST 7U1+ alloy that provides a rigid, traditional feel on contact and a big sweet spot. The latest extension to the Louisville Slugger Omaha is their 6-Star premium performance end cap. The extended barrel length retains a weight ratio of balanced weight score of 2.3. If you’re peeking for reliable power, championship-level performance, and an improvement in your batting average, the Omaha 518 baseball bat is what you need.


  • This unique bat Fulfils the new USA Baseball Youth standards.
  • It is made up of a 1pc 7-series alloy structure.
  • A remarkable and Durable end cap design is what everyone needs.
  • It has a Synthetic leather fade grip making it more environment friendly.
  • An especially draped leather synthetic tape is wrapped around portable design
  • Great pop gives ball some extra speed.
  • It does not sting hands.
  • Grip is synthetic reserving forestry laws
  • It has a slightly smaller sweet spot than many composite bats.
  • More expensive than most all-aluminum bats.

5. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite Composite Bat, 2019

EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite Composite Bat, 2019

It is one of the best youth big barrel baseball bats. It is a one-piece EXACT Carbon composite design. This formation gives a good feel and optimized performance. The new Speed Cap design enables creating an extra flexible and responsive barrel while also reinforcing the bat’s sound. The-11 speed stabilized structure provides a lighter swing weight for different speed behind the ball at the touch. This model has a 2-5/8″ barrel and features a custom LIZARD SKIN bat hold for a decent feel, cushion, and tack. It is authorized for play in leagues and associations that fulfil the USA Baseball standard.


  • A one-piece EXACT Carbon composite body makes it more durable.
  • A specially designed Speed End Cap is also here.
  • Lizard Skin Grip comes only in elite bats and it has one.
  • It’s a viable option for younger players just starting to play the game.
  • This Hyperlight bat is feather-light and feels very balanced.
  • Extremely Cold weather has adverse effects on it.
  • Usually requires a break-in time.

6. Rawlings 2020 Raptor Alloy Bat

Rawlings 2020 Raptor Alloy Bat

It is indeed one of the best youth baseball bats for younger players who are just starting to learn the game. The -12 weight drop allows an ultra-light swing, enabling newer players to catch up to the pitch. The tough, responsive Alloy with the extensive sweet spot establishes the best opportunity for contact. Not only will this bat surpass performance goals, but the sharp blue and lime green will be the envy of every other kid in the ground.


  • It has a 2-1/4-inch barrel.
  • It is Constructed from durable Alloy.
  • It has spring handle technology with a premium wrap style grip.
  • The bat meets the USA baseball standard.
  • This bat produces power and balance at a reasonable price.
  • Ultra-light drop weight enables the player to generate more bat speed.
  • This bat is best for little champs ages 7-10.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • Alloy prone to dents.
  • The color finish can fade away.

7. Rawlings Raptor & Remix Alloy Bat

Rawlings Raptor & Remix Alloy Bat

This bat is best for younger players ages seven and below. It is made of a 1-piece alloy that will establish stable performance. Its lightweight structure and big barrel make getting hits easier than ever. Due to its -12 drop weight, it has faster swing speeds, more control, and a large sweet spot.

This tball bat has a vivid color scheme of electric blue and lime green that will let players stand out on the field. It is approved for use in all USA baseball tball leagues.


  • It is constructed from a durable.
  • It is made up of 1-piece Alloy.
  • Certified from USA Baseball.
  • It is Excellent for t-ball.
  • It’s a nice light bat. 
  • It is excellent for beginners.
  • It has faster swing speeds due to light bat drop weight.
  • Painting and designs fade off over time.

8. Easton Typhoon Alloy Bat, 2021

Easton Typhoon Alloy Bat, 2021

If you want the best youth bat for baseball in little expenditure, give this bat a chance. This bat is great for the price. It is made up of ALX100TM Military Grade Alloy. It is very durable and lightweight, due to which it is easy to swing. It works best for beginners. Its flex-grip provides comfort in hands. It is authorized for play in leagues and associations that fulfil the USA Baseball standard.


  • It is Durable.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is made up of 1-piece that is aluminium.
  • It has 2. 2 mm Flex grip.
  • It has a Concave end cap.
  • The bat meets the USA Baseball standard.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It has the most agreeable grip.
  • It is an excellent bat for hitting contact and bat speed.
  • Alloy bats break by denting, not by cracking.

9. Louisville Ash Wood Bat, 2020

Louisville Ash Wood Bat, 2020

Are you looking for the best youth big barrel baseball bat? Then, Louisville slugger 2020 is the best choice at an economical price. It is constructed from responsible ash wood; these ash bats are lightweight and flexible. Their flexibility gives a larger and more soft sweet spot. These youth maple bats have a vast surface hardness and are less likely to flake. It builds forearm strength of younger adults and bat/hand speed in the offseason.


  • It is very Flexible.
  • It is made up of Wood Ash.
  • Wood ash gives it a very nice mat black shade.
  • It is very cheap.
  • It is an excellent practice bat. 
  • It may be heavy for younger players, but it helps to build their muscles.
  • This bat is a bit heavy for smaller kids.

10. Marucci Cat7 Alloy Bat

Marucci Cat7 Alloy Bat

This bat is constructed with az4x alloy, with a 2 5/8-inch barrel design. This construction provides a clean, constant, conventional swing and enhanced pop. Its barrel produces a sweet spot that strengthens balance and enables faster swing speeds. Marucci’s 2nd Generation AV2 anticipation feature has lessened the vibration.


It is made up of az4x alloy.
It has the second generation Av2 anti-vibration knob.
A high precision-balanced barrel and one-piece alloy design offer a clean, consistent swing.
It has 3/4-inch barrel diameter, which is a plus point.

  • It is durable.
  • It allows for faster swing.
  • It allows huge increase in exit velocity.
  • It is a legal and authenticated product.
  • Bat grip can be slippery.

11. DeMarini Alloy Bat, 2019

DeMarini Alloy Bat, 2019

This light-swinging DeMarini Uprising Baseball bat is one of the best bats for youth baseball, especially for the players who are competing in a USA Baseball league. It is made up of one-piece DX1 Alloy. This design gives younger players an easy swing. It is a super balanced bat; the younger player will love it all season long. Its balanced swing barrel is designed for performance and durability. One of the best things about it is that its price is meagre. You will never find such a good baseball bat at such a low price. You should give it a try.


  • It is made up of DX1 Alloy.
  • As its wholly made up of one piece so longer lasting as compared to other bats of its league.
  • It is mainly for teenagers and beginners.
  • High end aluminium is used in its making.
  • It is super cheap. So, everyone can afford it.
  • It is balanced and lightweight with great pop.
  • As it is made up of Alloy, it may be prone to dents.

An ultimate buyer guide

For your convenience, we have listed the 11 best brands below from where you can buy your best youth baseball bat.

What features should you consider while buying the best youth baseball bat?

1. Length of the bat

Longer bats will have a higher reach, but it will affect the swinging action. And the shorter ones will limit plate coverage. So, having the right bat length will help you avoid these issues. You can check it out by putting the bat at the center of your chest while facing outward. If your arm reaches out and can grab the barrel, it is the right length. Or you can also take a guide from the size chart.

2. Weight of the bat

Try out different bats to know your body strength. It is often linked with Drop ratio (It means the difference between bat length and weight). The higher the drop ratio, the lighter the bat, and vice versa.

For big players, heavy bats are preferable to generate more power, while for small players, lighter ones, so they can swing easily.

3. Barrel Size

For youth, barrel size is usually larger than 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

4. Material

I. Alloy

No break-in time is required.
It is Durable.
It is Affordable.

II. Composite

It requires 150-200 hits to break.
It is more expensive.

III. Hybrid

These are made by combining the strengths of the above two while limiting their drawbacks.


The above list comprises excellent products to serve you well. We have gone through their features, as well as reviews. With confidence, we can say that they are indeed the best options that you will be confronted with. Durability and compatibility are the main features of the above-mentioned products.