Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Beast X Youth Bat Review

The Easton has crafted this bat with loud, robust and optimized features. The beast series is comprehensive with one-piece construction to deliver quick and robust hits. The bat has x-tended barrel length with z-core technology to drop the ball with skills. The ultra-thin handle is 29/32 inches in diameter, and you can hold it firmly throughout your game. The product is served with 100 % ATAC alloy and performs better than the other youth baseball bats.

Easton beast X reviews are essential in noticing its swings and performance for junior leagues. The big barrel and fastest swing speed are the dominant features to buy the bat for USA league. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and is considered to be the best baseball for 2018 series.

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5 8 Beast X Youth Bat

Why Easton beast X is ideal for USA game?

The construction of this bat is unique and provide the maximum performance by reducing the vibration. When the ball comes in contact with its surface, the bat will swing it will full energy. The sweet spots are present at the length of the barrel, and the pop is impressive with excellent sound. You would be handling the bat with ease, and there would be no dead spots while hitting the batt. The hit zones will be increased with a more significant response.

Does Easton Beast X is better than Easton Ghost X?

Well, it’s up to you. Both bats are qualified for USA game and crafted from the same company. The Ghost series is incredible with suitable length and diameter while the composition is carbon composite. On the other hand, the beast X is made with ATAC alloy and provides the most durable and compact material that could deliver the perfect game while performing in the field.

The performance of Ghost X and beast X is incredible, but, the beast X gas more swings with maximum sweet spots. The drop weight is -10 for both products, and the most features are the same because of the supernatural performance of this bat. When I watched the EASTON beast x reviews, people have an optimistic opinion about this product and using for coaching and playing purpose.


  • One-piece bat construction and 100 % ATAC alloy make it stronger and more durable to hit the speedy ball.
  • The ultra-thin handle with 29/ 32 inches diameter is ideal for making proper contact with the ball with x-tended barrel length.
  • It’s 1.4mm HYERSKIN grip provides the more swings and speed when the ball comes in contact to bat.
  • You will obtain the -10-drop weight by its length to weight ratio.
  • The bat comes with a stamp of USA baseball approval and has 1-year of warranty.
  • The bat delivers excellent pop and sweet spots better than expected.
  • The bat is a power hitter with a soft and flexible grip.
  • The product won’t let you down while hitting the speedy ball.
  • You will be experiencing the maximum hitting zones with increased distance.
  • The bat is the best option for junior and younger players.
  • The bat may be heavy for kids.
  • After multiple swings bat loses the pop.