Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Beast X Hybrid Youth Bat Review

The EASTON beast hybrid X baseball bat is the combination of power and excellent alloy sound. The product comprises of the latest technology from 2018 series and develops a good relationship with the player. The 100 % ATAC alloy is featured with defeating sound and qualified features for USA game. If we look at its barrel, with 2 5/8 diameter and x-tended barrel length the bat maximizes the performance to empower the game.

The Easton Beast X hybrid reviews are significant in buying this bat. With internal z- core technology and 1.4mm flexible grip, the bat is simply an energy booster for you. You will feel more confident when your ball will rip through the field with supernatural technology. Its connexion features provide the different hitting zones and you can play for a more extended period without any worry.

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 258 Beast X Hybrid Youth Bat

Why Beast X hybrid is better than another beast X?

Most Beast X hybrid reviews reveal that the bat is the best blend of comfort and better feel when it comes to power and speed. Thus, you can achieve your target with its durability and composite handle. The alloy barrel is much better to locate the sweet spots and pop. Its diameter is the same, and the length would be like the other beast series. But its performance is a lot better than the other EASTON beast X series. I would recommend this bat for playing your big leagues to hit the target with energy and confidence.

What is the overall experience of using this bat?

The beast X hybrid series the best for kids and young adults. The bat is approved for USA league and provides excellent sound and performance. Its carbon handle delivers the incredible grip and soft feel while the barrel is best when collides with ball. The hitting strikes are maximum with a speedy and energetic performance. The pop sound is fantastic every time ball hits the surface. The reduced vibration and -10 drop weight are the primary features of EASTON beast series.


  • The made has composite carbon handle and ATAC alloy barrel for the best feel and sound.
  • When the ball hits the barrel, you will feel the difference in speed and delivery.
  • The barrel diameter is 2 5/8 inches to distribute the weight and energy efficiency.
  • The grip is soft and flexible with 1.4mm of HPERSKIN feature for stable handling.
  • The -10 drop weight let you play with confidence and power to enhance your playing skills.
  • Quick and timely hits will increase the hitting zone. You will get your ideal results while dealing with this supernatural product.
  • The bat delivers less vibration as compared to the other beast x series.
  • The larger barrel will indeed have the larger sweet spots.
  • There would be no hand stings while handling this bat because of its flexible grip.
  • The bat is larger and heavier than the wooden bats and provides the best feeling ever.
  • Two-piece construction is better than the others to give stability and compatibility.
  • The bat is heavy for kids to handle
  • Within time the bat loses its inner ring.