Rawlings Prodigy SLRP34-27 Baseball Bat Review

Before going into a detailed rawling prodigy review, I would like to tell you about this game’s working body. It is an ancient game upgraded with time. The game begins when the pitcher throws a ball, and the player from the batting team (hitter) tries to Strike it with the bat. If the hitter succeeds in doing so, he and his team members run the bases in an anti-clockwise direction. After one complete run of four bases, the team gets one score. The team who made more scores will win the game.

After knowing the game structure, let us know about the design of the baseball bat. Design weight and size of the bat in a perfect combination makes an ideal baseball bat. It doesn’t matter how much an excellent player you are; you must need the best bat to excel in your game.

Below, in this rawling prodigy review, you will get to know some of the top-notch features of this excellent bat.

Rawlings Prodigy SLRP34-27 Baseball Bat

What is the material used in baseball bats?

Usually, baseball bats come in wood, alloy, or composite. But now hybrid bat is also available that is a combination of alloy and composite. Every material has its pros and cons. In this railway prodigy review, we will talk about the details of an alloy bat.

What thing should you consider while buying a bat?

Having the right bat makes a difference in your performance. One must know about the length, barrel size, material, and weight of the bat. With said so, let’s directly dive into the rawling prodigy review.


  • The Rawlings Prodigy bat has an expanded sweet spot that enables the player to swing easily with fewer vibrations.
  • The durable aluminum alloy makes the bat long-lasting; thus, the price will worth it more than enough.
  • The synthetic leather grip is used in its making, providing better control over the bat and causes less sting. It has a benefit over rubber or leather as it is more light and tacky.
  • The bat has a huge barrel size that provides a large area for contact. The large barrel size enables the senior league players to hit stronger and makes a long distance.
  • The rawling prodigy bat is constructed for increased strength and high performance. It provides faster and smoother swings, better control.
  • One of its features is that it gives a perfect pop that should not be ignored.
  • This bat has USSA certified stamp on it.
  • The bat’s weight is equally distributed in a very balanced manner.
  • Its sharp orange color gives it a distinct and vibrant look and increases its uniqueness.
  • The price of the bat is highly affordable. So It is best for the less experienced players for their practice.
  • The alloy bat is preferred for the cold season than the bats made up of other materials like composite or wood.
  • The bat takes significantly less time to break in like it’s ready out of the wrapper.
  • The rawling bat claims one year of warranty.
  • Considerable barrel length provides an extra sweet spot.
  • This big barrel rawling prodigy superior league bat might not be suitable for younger players.
  • Alloy bats are a little heavier to swing.